About us

Full-service digital agency MarketSoul, which was established in Zlin, co-operates with clients and brands from all over the Czech Republic. Our clients follow us on intricate ways of online world where the effective tools are carefully chosen for their campaign. We always strive to reach synergic effect of communication tools.


To be a strategic partner in field of trends and innovation. To use modern technology to improve life conditions and satisfaction.


  • WIN – WIN - We strive to reach win-win situation among client, customer and agency.
  • Build relationships - Building relationships, mutual loyalty and trust is the core of everything that we do.
  • Be the best - We always do our best to improve our skills, acquire knowledge and watch and follow new trends of the digital world.
  • Keep the word - MarketSoul is about mutual trust, keeping the assurance (promises –not a good idea to promise in business) and agreements.
  • Believe in innovation - Looking for new ways of digital advertising is what challenges us.


Let us introduce ourselves…

Pavel Urban

Company Leader

Pavel is the leader of the company. Pavel sees MarketSoul as part of his family and cherishes every input and output of it. He supervises all projects, looks for new businesses and cares about his employees.

Standa Horák

Account Manager

Standa has a wonderful job. He deals with clients and makes them feel as comfortable as possible.

Roman Janoušek

SEO, PPC Specialist

Roman flirts with Performance Marketing – he plans online campaigns, deals with keywords and he is the best.

Milan Švehla


Day by day Milan bravely jumps into waters of codes, symbols and numbers where he feels comfortable.


Spolufinancováno Evropskou unií.

Projekt řeší problém tvorby a vývoje CMS redakčního systému v oblasti tvorby webových aplikací a prezentací. Projekt ICT daného řešení bude flexibilně a interaktivně řešit problémy a nedostatky současných nabízených nástrojů. Projekt je realizován v rámci Zlínského kraje.


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MarketSoul s. r. o

T:(+420) 733 666 039
E: askme@marketsoul.cz
Sokolská 2427
760 01 Zlín