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Baobab Group is an international company. Its specialization is in branding and campaigns as a turnkey solution. It works closely with clients to develop their unique brand identity and find creative and effective ways to tell your story.
It has a long-standing experience in creating communication and branding campaigns for corporations, politics, but also for smaller projects and start-ups. Evidently, Baobab Group operates worldwide and their offices are based in Prague, Warsaw, London and New York. Baobab Group stands on clear and simple design and ways of communication which is visible in their work as well as in their new web design.



Make it short and simple. That is the main goal of new web design - to be more customer and user friendly. Homepage works as guide which sends users right where they need to be. Everything is built logically and intuitively.



Evidently, the target group of online communication are politicians, heads of organizations. That was a reason for choosing serious, elegant and effective design which works without any kind of menu, rollings or sheets. Everything is hidden "under" buttons with clear call-to-action which guide web users. Web presentation is completely responsive.





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